A souvenir booklet
in connection with the
Historical and Industrial Celebration
October 27 to November 2, 1912

With A Brief History of Frankford
by Guernsey A. Hallowell
and an account of The Building Societies of Frankford,
by Robert T. Corson Esq.

Published under the auspices of
The Frankford Business Men's and Taxpayer's Association,
The Frankford Board of Trade, and the Frankford Grocers Association

Thanks to Marlin Newcomer
for making his copy of this booklet available for distribution,
and to Janet Bernstein,
for bringing it to my attention and helping with the scanning.

The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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This 80-page souvenir booklet includes historical essays about this Philadelphia neighborhood, as noted above. It also includes many pages of advertisements, which provide a portrait of Frankford at that moment in time.

I have included two PDFs, one which includes only the
HISTORY (1648 kb)
and another which includes the
(3624 kb)

Reproducing the document for the Web involved compressing the original scans, with the result that many of the photographs come across poorly. I would apologize for this, except the only alternative would have been to create a 30 or 40 megabyte document, rather than one a tenth of that size. As a consolation, I have included several pages as higher resolution jpegs, which can be accessed by clicking the thumbnails below. The full size images range from 100 to 250 kb.

Left to right, top row:
Page 5, Page 54, Page 7

Bottom left:
Page 30

Bottom right:
Page 46


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