1884 Report of a Sanitary Survey
of the Schuylkill Valley
by Dana Barber, for Philadelphia Water Department

LINK TO PDF, 2.3 mb


This exhaustive 69 page report of this survey covers the entire valley from the source of the river to the Fairmount Water Works. A summary of the report in 12 color charts, published in the PWD 1883 annual report, can be accessed in a compressed black and white PDF [324 kb] or as 12 separate JPG images that are about 125 kb each: Chart 1, Chart 2, Chart 3, Chart 4, Chart 5,
Chart 6
, Chart 7, Chart 8, Chart 9, Chart 10, Chart 11, Chart 12.

These surveys were done in conjunction with the search for a new water supply for philadelphia, by Rudolph Hering. Much of his 1886 report can be found here. Also related is a preliminary report by hering in 1884, which can be found here.


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The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

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