Lemon Hill and Fairmount Park
The papers of Charles S. Keyser and Thomas Cochran, relative to a public park for Philadelphia, published in 1856 and 1872.
Reprinted in 1886, by Horace J. Smith.

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Two pamphlets that Horace Smith, in his preface to this reprint, claims were influential in the debates that led to the creation of Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. The original park hugged the Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek, and part of its intention was to protect the city's water supply at the Belmont, Spring Garden and Fairmount Water Works. Complete pamphlet titles are:

Keyser: Lemon Hill in connection with the efforts of our citizens and Councils to obtain a public park (1856); and Cochran: Fairmount Park: A necessity for the health and recreation of the present and future population of the city (1872).


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