The Sad History
Frankford Creek

A presentation created for the
PWD Office of Watersheds
February 2004

Frankford Creek has a long history of use and abuse, from factory and sewage pollution beginning
in the 19th century to major channel changes in the 20th century. Much of this information is
covered in other pages on Philly H20 (which you can find under the "Frankford Creek" heading in the Archives). But this straightforward illustrated lecture provides a good overview for anyone interested in this specific watershed, or in some of the problems that faced many urban watersheds during the same time period.

I created this Web-based presentation using PowerPoint's own conversion tool, which created very clear image files, some of which are unfortunately very large (500-800 kb) and may take time to
load for people with slow Internet connections. The advantage of this format is the outline view, in which all the slide titles can be scrolled through, and the fact that all the text is "live," meaning that it can be copied and pasted into text documents. (This feature of most Web sites is a real time-saver

The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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for students doing homework or class projects, and I'm sure most teachers have learned to their chagrin!) I have also included a PDF of the presentation, for those who might want this information in that format.

Link to PowerPoint-based Web page
(Image files range up to 200-800 kb)
Link to PDF of presentation
(18 mb)

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