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Augustus Kollner: Watercolors and Lithographs

Thanks to Karen Lightner, head of the collection, for permission to use these images here. Please contact her at (215) 686-5405 for permission to reuse these images in any form.

German-born Kollner (1813-1906) moved to Philadelphia in 1840, where made a living with a small lithography shop but indulged widely in his passion for drawing and painting. These Castner images are just a few of the Kollners held by the Free Library, most of which are part of another collection. Many of those show, in poignant simplicity, the Cohocksink Creek, Gunner's Run, George's Run, Mill Creek, and other streams that were eventually buried in underground sewers. Until I post them on Philly H2O, you can see them at the Library.

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The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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Castner 20:76
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Castner 21:98
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Castner 31:7
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Castner 31:74
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Castner 34:7
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Castner 39:12
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Castner 9:67
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Descriptions are repeated on the full-sized images, which can be accessed by clicking the thumbnails.

Castner 20:76
Delaware River aboveVine Street. No date.

Castner 21:98
Belmont and Water Works. Mout Pleasant, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. No date.

Castner 31:7
Belmont Cottage. West side Schuylkill River, Centennial Bridge above Columbia Bridge. 1877.

Castner 31:74
Mill (Branchtown), built 1683, removed 1870.[On the East Branch of Wingohocking Creek]

Castner 34:7
Schuylkill River. Sweet Brier Mansion, West Philadelphia. 1842

Castner 39:12
On Germantown Road and Gunner's Run valley, Philadelphia, PA. No date.

Castner 9:67
Almshouse, Philadelphia. [On Schuylkill River] 1843



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