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Delaware River -- General Scenes

Thanks to Karen Lightner, head of the collection, for permission to use these images here. Please contact her at (215) 686-5405 for permission to reuse these images in any form.

Descriptions of the images follow the thumbnails, and are repeated on the linked .html image pages. Castner was not good about dating the material in his scrapbooks, and I do not have the time to find other copies of these images in more carefully-documented collections. If you know the dates of any of these images, or anything else, I'd be glad to include this information in updates to this page.

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The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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Castner 10:18
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Castner 14:29
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Castner 14:6
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Castner 14:66
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Castner 14:74
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Castner 14:74 DETAIL
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Castner 14:84
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Castner 19:0
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Castner 19:33
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Castner 20:10
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Castner 20:10 DETAIL
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Castner 20:12
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Castner 20:13
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Castner 26:1A
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Castner 33:80
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Castner 7:52
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Descriptions are repeated on the full-sized images, which can be accessed by clicking the thumbnails.

Castner 10:18
North Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Depot. Signs on smaller buildings read "N.P.R.R. Iron Wharf" and "N.P.R.R. Noble Street."
Small sign at wharf reads "Pier 28." No date.

Castner 14:29
Edwin H. Fitler & Co. Phila. Cordage Works. No date.

Castner 14:6
Port Richmond Iron Works. No date.

Castner 14:66

Henry Disston & Son Keystone [Saw Works], 1870

Castner 14:74 and Castner 14:74 DETAIL
Bridesburg Manufacturing Company. No date.

Castner 14:84
Dyottville Glass Works

Castner 19:0
The Burning of the Steamboat New Jersey. 1856

Castner 19:33
Terrible conflagration and Destruction of the Steamboat "New Jersey," 1856

Castner 20:10 and Castner 20:10 DETAIL
Market Street Ferry Terminals. No date. Photograph shows Ridgway House, "Clyde Coastwise West India & Pacific
Steam Lines," the ferries "Arctic" and "Baltic," Lawrence Sail Maker, and other details.

Castner 20:12
Terminus of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, on the Delaware, at Philadelphia. Piers for the
Shipment of Anthracites. [Port Richmoad Coal Wharves]. Ca. 1854.

Castner 20:13
No. VIII. The coal wharves at [Port ] Richmond, near Philadelphia. 1853.

Castner 26:1A
Richmond Chemical Works, near Philadelphia. N. Lennig & Co. offer for sale....[Trade card for listing products for sale.] No date.

Castner 33:80
Stairs at 37 N. Water Street showing height of old river bank. 1900

Castner 7:52
View of Delaware Riverfront. East side of Front Street, from Baptist Bethel Mariners' Church. Nov. 1869



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