Scenes on
44th Street, West Philadelphia, 1914-1916.
From photograph album of Minetta Baker, 322 S. 44th Street.

Captions (which I transcribed and slightly edited) are by Charlotte Elsner, who lived for many years with her husband Henry at 319 S. 44th Street. She received these photos from the estate of Minetta Baker, and gave them to me because of my interest in the neighborhood. If you have information about any of the buildings, scenes or people depicted in these photos, please contact me.

The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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1. View into "large space" SE corner 44th and Spruce, two buildings "near" and "rear" that front on Spruce,
view from front of 322 S. 44th. April 18, 1914.

2. Same view as in 1. Center girl is probably Minetta Baker. April 17, 1914. View of "near" house.

3. View taken from east side of 44th Street, probably across street from 322
on same side of street as "large space", with view of "rear" house. April 19, 1914.

4. View from porch of 322 S. 44th. Shows "rear" house on left, and rear of row of
existing Pine Street houses on right. April 18, 1914.

5. View of a house possibly located in "large space," possibly abandoned, with
same young man as in 4 and another young man. April 19, 1914

6. Young woman in white coat, in front of 320 S. 44th Street. View of pre-existing house,
SW corner 44th and Spruce (replaced by current apartment building). April 1914.

7. Probably taken from back of 322 S. 44th Street, showing back of same house as shown in 6,
on SW corner 44th and Spruce and houses across street on NW corner. October 1917.

8. Minetta, her sister, and an older woman in front of row of seven houses (still extant)
315-327 S. 44th Street. Front porches yet to be glassed in. April 30, 1916.

9. Girl (same as in 8) and "Sample House" sign in front of 317 S. 44th Street; view of house on SE corner 44th and Spruce under construction. Houses on west side of 44th Street, north of Spruce, also visible on left. April 30, 1916.

10. "Coming from West Philadelphia. Station." Probably on corner of 44th Street and Spruce looking north. April 18, 1914.

11. Same girls as in 10. Same date, wearing same clothes, April 18, 1914. At 44th and Spruce Street,
view looking northeast to corner of 43rd and Spruce at bottom of hill.


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